Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Diatax has been, and remains, committed to quality as its primary operating principal. Our policy is to develop, manufacture and deliver on time products that are competitively priced and meet or exceed customer expectations with a goal of Zero Defects.

To achieve this goal, DiaCom will support an ongoing quality environment:

  • Where monitoring, control and continuous improvement of all processes exist.
  • Where quality is integrated into all areas of operation.
  • Where employees are provided training and the motivation to excel.
  • Where customers and vendors work with us to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Capability & Ability

The entire array of Rubber Diaphragms, Rubber O – rings, Rubber Gasket & Plugs, in standard or custom – designed required sizes are subject to pre-run of measurement assessment to fit into our plant capability, production processes and materials

We recognize that our success, and the success of our customers, depends upon our ability to achieve this goal and fully implement this policy at all levels of our organization.