Diatax has 25 Years expertise in making customisable Diaphragms for Gas Meter manufacturers all over the world for different models like G1.6, G2.5, G4 and others



Diatax Gas Meter diaphragms have been designed and manufactured for use by the topmost diaphragm gas meter manufacturers across the globe. Serving the Energy market, Our Gas Meter Diaphragms are found in Modern Smart Meters, Domestic Gas meters, and larger industrial meters.

We hold the largest market share for our range of gas diaphragms, as our chemists and engineers work alongside our customers and pull out all the stops to meet their needs.  Our Gas Diaphragms, often called membranes, are found in Gas Meters all over the world, from China to America, and Europe to the Middle East.

Diatax Gas Meter Diaphragms Meet European Quality Standard EN549

Why Choose Us

Gas Meter Diaphragms

Diatax Gas Meter Diaphragms have Strong resistance to oil, chemicals, aging and weather, our diaphragms for gas meters are corrosion-free to LPG, LNG and Natural Gas for living. There are expedient for combined-use gas meters. Being cold-and thermal-proof, the diaphragms keep the original volume without distortion in a wide fluctuation of temperature. Made of highly elastic synthetic fabrics with such excellent properties as wear-resistant, chemical-resistant and flexible, our diaphragms are strong in tensile strength per width, and keep consistent accuracy in use of a long duration. Using strong carbonic gaskets, our diaphragms are perfectly shockproof to prevent leakage. Meticulously molded and coated in precision with 0.02MM, our diaphragms maintain specific volume at the time of motion

Our Gas Meter Diaphragms -: