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Diatax rubber diaphragms are used in many industries. In technicalities, a diaphragm is a piece of a semi-flexible material, more often than not made of rubber, attached at its periphery and mainly round in shape. Flat rubber diaphragm piece is more often than not manufactured with natural rubber or artificial rubber composite and emphasized fabrics. There are also unreinforcing material piece of rubber diaphragm for a variety of applications. The material reinforced diaphragms regularly contain one or more plies of reinforcing material for extra force and the power of the matter is calculated by its rupture potency over a jaw.

Function of a diaphragm

The Diatax diaphragm provide either as a fence between two chambers, moving a little up into one chamber or down into the other depending on pressure differences. It is also used as a device that pulsates when definite occurrences are applied to it. This is also used as a substitute of a stem washer. It is a type of top limit, encircled in shape and is institute on compression faucets. There are material resistant diaphragms make the most of coating a trick fabric material. This is measured as a part of the diaphragm manufacture. This coating of material gives incredible elasticity in design. A very thin divider diaphragm can hold out high pressures whereas at the same time stay extremely stretchy and receptive to minor force differences. The material reinforce diaphragm is complete of a variety of fabrics like polyester, nylon and silk. In additional words, a diaphragm is a supple membrane with low absorbency to fluids and gas. It will authorize qualified motion between a immobile and a touching member and uphold a division of the two medium on either side. In several purposes the diaphragm also preserves a force disparity between the two medium. When establish in the projection of a device, the rubber diaphragm provide its own gasket, ensuing in a fluid fixed seal.

Distinctive Purpose of Rubber Diaphragm Includes:

Control devices



Pumps and Other special devices

Types of rubber used in rubber diaphragm

Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPM, EPDM)


Styrene Butadiene Rubber


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